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Men wear editorial fashion shoot

Pr Portraits Workshop
June 18, 2015
An evening photoshoot with Katy
July 14, 2015
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Men wear editorial fashion shoot

On an early morning in June we went in a park in north London to shoot the autumn/winter collection designed by Helen Anthony. I love shooting in the morning as the light quality is much softer than during day. For this shoot we hoped for a sunny morning but although it was a cloudy day, the mood created it actually worked very well with the outfits selected by Anthony so we decided to go ahead with the shoot. The model Danny Sach is a cool person and was great to work with.

Sometimes is quite difficult to convince clients that we have to wake up before 5 Am to start the shoot. I always try to explain them that the best light is right after the sunrise, showing them some examples as well.


HA-WA2015-BTS_Michael-CS HA-WA2015-BTS_Michael-CS2