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Retouching Portraits Course




Photoshop retouching course designed to teach you the basics of retouching a portrait.

The photoshop techniques used in this course are the foundation for retouching portraits and general close-up photographs.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Techniques used

– Masking- Adjustment layers

– Selective color adjustment

– Selections

– Dodge and Burn

– Blending modes

– Using the right tools


Basic cleanup and restructuring

– Background cleanup

– Blemish removal

– Hair tidy

– Color correction & removing skin redness

– Liquefying and restructuring

– Make up and skin

– Applying color to skin

– Skin softening, non-destructive technique

– Adding highlights

– Contouring

– Brightening eyes and teeth

– Correcting eye color

– Sharpening

– Saving for print, web & facebook

What to bring:  A laptop with Lightroom and Photoshop installed ( any version will be good).  If you have a graphic tablet will be great if not bring a mouse. The touchpad of a laptop is not enough for a precise retouching.

The course will take place on evenings during the week, every two weeks.

Level : Beginners / Intermediate

This course is available for one to one session as well at your desired date and time. Get in touch for details.

To book please use the book from below.